Some Facts On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how it Becomes Viral

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a commotion that involves a dumping a bucket full of ice water on someone’s head as an innovative way of promoting this deadly neuron disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and encouraging donations for conducting research on this disease. In mid July to August it becomes vital to all social media sites, creating a massive response globally as everyone starting from Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, political personalities, sports persons, etc to common people have started making active participation in Ice bucket challenge and devoted their valuable time by spreading awareness about this deadly disease. Well the challenge dares all the nominated member participant to be shooted a video having a bucket full of ice water being poured over their heads and then go on nominating others in doing the same stuff.

Some Brief Facts about ALS

This deadly disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS is a progressive neurodegerative disease that used to have an impact on the nerve cells in both the brain and the spinal cord. Here the Motor Neurons are spread from our brain up to the spinal cord and then from the spinal cord it is spread to all our muscles and tissues. This disease caused the death of this motor neuron, thus affecting the spinal cord and all the muscle movements within the body. Here in the case of the last stage of this particular disease patients may become paralysis completely so one can really understand how dangerous this disease can be. Thus, through this Ice bucket challenge ALS Association has been successful in making this awareness program popular in all social media sites.

How the Ice Bucket Challenge Becomes Viral?

Well, this challenge first receives this massive media attention in the United States itself on 30th June 2014 when officials of the program ‘Morning Drive’ that use  to arise on all weekdays on the Golf Channel televised the challenge of performing live Ice bucket challenge on their program. Well, the challenge was soon released among the mainstream audiences when the popular television anchor Matt Lauer did the Ice bucket challenge on 15th July 2014 on NBC’s “The Today Show”. On the other hand, on the very same day, the leading golfer Chris Kennedy also did the challenge and invites his cousins to accept this challenge whose husband Mr. Anthony is an ALS patient for last eleven years. Well to add more and to make this challenge more viral His Excellency US President, Mr Barrack Obama too took the challenge and then donated $100. With this, many political personas to celebrities all joined in the challenge contributing to spread an awareness regarding this deadly disease ALS. In this manner, this challenge started spreading like a virus in all the leading social media sites thus creating a massive response on this Ice Bucket Challenge from all across the globe. Apart From US President, other leading politicians too had joined hands in participating in this challenge with an aim of boosting the effort of this massive social awareness of this deadly diseases ALS.

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