Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be defined as the method of gaining attention of certain websites through the implementation of social media sites. A social media marketing program generally focuses on efforts to generate various contents which can attract the attention of users and encourages them to share with other users. In short, social media marketing defines the method of achieving attention and website traffic through various social media sites. Some of the social sites that can be used for the implementation of social media marketing are-



Facebook is by far the most popular used social media networking site on the Internet. With Facebook, a user can interact with several other users, can comment on articles, and can post pictures and videos about information of various types of topics. The Facebook can definitely be used to promote various other websites.



Twitter can be used by various types of companies to promote different products in the form of short messages that appears on the home pages of its followers.



A type of social networking site which can be used by different companies to share business related information with other users in the same industry field.



The plus point of this social networking site is that it is able of integrating with the Google search engine and other available Google products and applications.
In addition to the above four, there are also other social networking sites that are used for implementing social media marketing.


Why we need the Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM can be used for many purposes in this era. It helps numerous online businesses to keep contact with their users in an effective way. In a competitive world of today, if a company wants to prosper, it must remain dynamic, that is, should be capable of interacting with different users and companies in real time. With the rapid growth of eagerness for social sites and the Internet among peoples, the implementation of branding or marketing products socially becomes much relevant. From this, comes the next part.


How it is implemented

A few ways for implementing social media marketing are-
• Discussions among different users for a certain topic and asking for their opinions.
• Writing blogs and publishing articles, therefore, providing the opportunity for other members to read and post comments.
• Asking opinions from several users on some matters or providing the facility of voting in case of a particular matter to see the results.
• Live chats like conversations or group chats between multiple users, thus getting the multiple information, even, posting a photo to gather an idea.
• Allowing users and members the facility of giving ratings on certain contents. A brief review about that content will also do the job.


The actual benefits of Social Media

• The social media marketing is definitely a useful process nowadays. The reasons are-
• This media marketing helps in increasing the torrent of website traffic to a site.
• It makes use of the most powerful and popular social networking sites.
• It facilitates in understanding user behavior.
• Creates awareness among various unknown groups, thus, extends customer reach.
Therefore, Social Media Marketing allows companies to use digital technology for branding their products through the usefulness of different social networking sites.