Six Big Opportunities You Get From Google + Hangouts On Air

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Every Person is well aware that videos are the most powerful medium for marketing these days are simply getting a turbo charger with Google + hangouts on air or (HOA). HOAs are actually feature rich marketing platform that helps in allowing sharing your screen and slides, creating custom screen appearances and creating a library of YouTube videos for boosting your SERP ranking in Google.  There are six opportunities for you in a Gmail Account, a good webcam, a YouTube account and the relevant content for sharing.

Opportunity 1 – Gathering and Keeping Customers 

Well, Google + HOAs is simply effective for culling leads from prospects and by converting all the existing customers into brand evangelists through sharing of client testimonials. You can offer people with the knowledge, insights, and solutions or an exclusive access to your content regarding the service you are offering can let your target audience to track you and register to your hangouts. In this manner, you can boost-up your customer base for your business.

Opportunity 2- Build Authority

Whatever your business is HOAs lets your target audience hear you what you are offering them through your business and what they can expect from your end. Here you can simply invite your established authorities to take part on your hangouts as their endorsement of your business helps you in getting better responses and leads.

Opportunity 3 – Engage & Learn

Google + HOAs is considered to be a priceless adding up to any of your content marketing plan and an excellent opportunity for generating valuable content creation. Your Webcast get available on YouTube can be publicized on other social media campaigns and can be emailed to your audiences in the form of newsletters. Well, in this manner you can take sharper advertising decisions using the data on audience interaction where the valuable feedback you will be getting from your target audience can help you in building your content marketing plan.

Opportunity 4- Collaborate

You can participate in HAOs in both Android and Apple devices and thus can turn HOAs as a next generation video conferencing platform where you can share all your information relating to your business services with your targeted audiences. What’s more, you can also collaborate with your sales people, hold a meeting with your client as well as with your office staffs while on the move. Further, you can showcase the live online demos of your products to your targeted customers straight from your tablets and smartphones. All these are the next generation online marketing techniques through social media that can not only boost your campaigning, but also can double your lead generation and business ROI.

Opportunity 5 – Make Money From Your Hangouts

Well, do not think that only celebrities’ cab help paid hangouts, if you can offer value added products and all the important information regarding your services that matches the needs of your target audience then surely people will pay you to get your hangouts. In this way, your business can even attract sponsors. You can let them give friendly-paid advertisements in your hangouts and you can charge money from them for posting their ads.

Opportunity 6- Announcements

Well, finally, a regular posting of the webcast is a good way to keep engaging your audience to your channel and in this way; you can easily turn them into valuable leads for your business. That is from potential customers, you can turn them into your regular customers thus boosting your ROI.

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