Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

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For a well developed website, web content is important. Infact it is said that content is king. But it is informational content that grabs the focus of any users in a website. A many websites reveal a little about their brand and concentrate on rambling which at a certain point make users lethargic and they feel no interest in it. In this way they miss an excellent possibility of converting them into customers. But simple informative and cryptic content always works in favour of the owners of the website. It not only provides them with organic web traffic helping in search engine optimization but also gives an expanded market to sell. There are many local products which are new and unknown to other places. Good pictorial may raise curiosity but a fool proof description ensures the sale.


Research shows that the ratio between regular ordinary navigational or transactional content and informational content is 80:20. Among them mostly are not strategic, SEO friendly or keyword rich and satisfactory to someone’s inquisition. For example, many brands escape the price but it backfire their strategy. People do not give it a serious thought unless they get a clear idea and how much it costs.

Informational content can be of two types—time limited and timeless. From those two very terms we can understand what they are all about. Personal blogs fall under the former category. Blogs usually tells somebody’s personal opinion about something in a particular period of time. It can be changed time to time. A blog about a mobile phone set of a particular brand is time limited as after a few years the features available in that set may lag behind and much more advanced technologies may outdate that phone. Therefore these types of content are time bound.

Timeless contents are basically the answers to all queries beginning with ‘how to’. But they can be both from trivial or errant to useful and of real importance. WikiHow even has an answer to ‘how to recover break up in a relationship’ and also to ‘how to fix tiles’. But in case of websites representing brands, products and companies they have to have all that is searched by people. By the way the ‘Contact Us’ page is a perfect example of timeless content (as long as the contact details are working).

If you are wondering how to make the content informative as you have no idea about the latest add-ons of a product then you may peep in to the ‘discussion’ option in the web search of Google. You’ll get to know what is happening at present and in accordance to it you will be able to make it useful and not being glanced and then neglected. So it is not necessary for all timeless contents to be ‘how to’ in nature. They can be explanatory as well.


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