Custom Audience- Reach New Customers & Accelerate Your Business ROI

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Are you not getting enough conversion or traffic to your Facebook Page or struggling to choose a better social media strategy to accelerate your business ROI from it? Then just try Custom Audience that simply helps you in targeting your custom audience to your Facebook page. It not only boost your ROI by helping you to fetch better leads for your services, but also help in making your Page popular in the entire social media platform. Well, let us explain in brief how this Custom Audience can help you in reaching maximum target audience.


How Custom Audience Can Boost Traffic To Your Page?

  • The custom audience helps you in matching your customer lists against Facebook users in a very secure way through maintaining all privacy. Here the email match rates are more than sixty percent.
  • Help you in using your client list all together with Facebook standard targeting like demographics and location to reach highly engaged customers.
  • Help you to accelerate your online sales both of your services as well as your products.
  • Reach is highly engaging customers who are original buyers so that you initiate your online sales.
  • Finally, it helps in connecting with all the right people who will actually buy your service or products, thereby fetching you to get better leads for your business straight from your Facebook Page.

How To Set Your Custom Audience?

Well, in order to set your Custom Audience you have to pursue certain steps that we are going to highlight here. As first step, you need to download your ad account in the Power Editor Make sure that you are having power editor installed before you get started with the process. In the power editor just log in to the admin of your ad account, now press download tab in the top right corner by selecting all your accounts, then click download again.  The step 2 is to design and set your target audience. Well, once you have created the custom audience all those contacts will be staying together as a one single group or your target audience. If you want to further customize your target, the audience, and you can choose to split your contract up and create a separate custom audience. The third step requires you to prepare your list and upload that. Gather your entire list in TXT format where each contact identifier should be separated by a new line. Well the identifier can be an email address or phone number.

Here the fourth step is that you create your custom audience now by clicking the create audience button in the power editor. Then enter a unique name to your custom audiences and choose what kind of identifiers your list contains. Click chooses files to upload your list and then create click to finish. The powerful Editor will start updating the list and you can see the progress bar increasing. As your list being processed your custom audience, status will be listed as waiting. Click check updates for refreshing the status and it will then change to read. Well the fifth step is that using your custom audience for ad targeting and then finally updates your custom audience.

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