Best Bidding Strategy Guides for Google Ads

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The bidding strategy has evolved over time and there are several core bidding that is available in the Google Adwords. Therefore, with the flexible bidding strategies it might be a bit confusing what could be the best bidding type that will be suitable for you and how this will go to work for you. Therefore, here we will put some lights on this particular issue in every detail.

Manual CPC

Well, this is one of the classic settings for having total control over the bids with an aim on boosting click traffic In this regard the Adwords will be taking the ad group by default bid first unless a separate bid is manually inserted at the keyword level. Always select the option ‘I will manually set my bids for clicks’ to choose your CPC bids by yourself.

Automatic CPC

Here in the settings all advertisers must focus on driving click traffic, however, always gives Adwords domination over individual CPC bids. Well, here, simply sets a budget for daily work and Adwords will automatically adjust your bids with aiming to get most of the clicks. Well here, there are options also to place a limit for CPC biddings as by setting a limit will save you much hard-earned money and in the process will help in reducing the costs of advertising. In this case, choose this option ‘Adwords will set my bids to help me maximize clicks within my budget’.

Enhanced CPC

Well, this is the most popular bidding option and is mainly for the conversion-focussed advertiser. Here the conversion tracking just needs to be enabled on your account so that based on the data regarding conversion-tracking Adwords can automatically increase or decrease CPC bids to drive better conversions for you. Here the bids can be increased to thirty percent of clicks which going to enhance your conversions. Here bids are lowered considerably for the clicks that are less likely to be converted. Therefore, you need to take care on all these stuffs in order to boost up your ad campaign with Adwords.

CPA Bidding

Through focusing on conversions from specific cost per acquisition, just use CPA bidding as this is also known as the conversion optimizer. Well to add more here the advertiser may target a specific cost per acquisition and in this regard, the conversion used to apply automatically its own bid adjustment. Well, here, the main thing that needed to mention that it is not well-suited to the new advance campaign bid adjustment across days, times, locations, and devices. Another thing you must focus is that the display bid does not work here, and if you turn on the conversion optimizer with the current bid adjustment, they will simply be ignored. Well, there are two-advanced option for this kind of bidding that is Max CPA and Target CPA. The target CPA here is the net average CPA that you are willing to work and pay for it and whereas the MAX is the maximum per conversion.

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